Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Linux Error: No Space Left on Device

On Linux machine, there could be several reasons for this error message appearing in some log file, or on the command line output while executing some command. Most of the time we immediately start checking if our file system has still sufficient space left, but file system space is not the problem most of the time. Following are a few of them I will be discussing.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Enable Asynchronous IO for file System using FILESYSTEMIO_OPTIONS

We noticed that on one of our standby database, the log apply was quite slow. I stopped managed recovery process which showed ORA-16037 in the alert log file along with trace file name.
ALTER DATABASE RECOVER managed standby database cancel
Fri Nov 20 16:13:12 2015
RFS[2]: Selected log 12 for thread 1 sequence 504809 dbid -1228626264 branch 748801133
Fri Nov 20 16:13:13 2015

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