Monday, January 23, 2017

ORA-28365: wallet is not open

This error means that you are trying to perform some operation in the database which requires encryption wallet to be open, but wallet is not open. In 11g, use following command to open the wallet. Provide password after “identified by” clause. In the following scenario, password is “welcome”.
alter system set encryption wallet open identified by "welcome1";

For 12c, use following command to open the keystore (keystore is new name for database wallet, in 12c.
ADMINISTER KEY MANAGEMENT SET KEYSTORE  open identified by welcome1;

ORA-28365 may come in the following scenarios.
You are trying to create a table with encrypted column or trying to create an encrypted tablespace, and wallet is not open.

You are starting database but it does not go beyond MOUNT state and returns ORA-28365. In this case the reason of this error is that your database probably needs a recovery (instance recovery) and needs to read Redo Log files and/or Undo data files to perform recovery for encrypted data, but data is no accessible because wallet is not open.

You can also see this error during export/import because export/import needs to read/write encrypted data and wallet needs to be open for this


During RMAN recovery, archived log files need to be read for recovery of encrypted data which needs wallet to be open 

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