Saturday, December 31, 2016

OEM Cloud Control Job Suspended - Target is not ready

In my OEM 12c, my RMAN backup job for one target database started failing, and next execution status was marked as "Suspended".

When I opened the job, it further showed the status, "Target is not Ready".

I suddenly realized that I refreshed this database a couple of days back, and this might have caused this problem. So I opened my this database target, and I saw that OEM was showing "Metric Collection Error" for this target.

To solve this issue, next step was to re-configure this target. So I went to Target Setup -> Monitoring Configuration.

And in the target's monitoring configuration page, just clicked Next. For you, you can also double check connection by clicking "Test Connection" button, and then click Next.

On next page, I clicked "Submit".

And my database target got reconfigured, and I saw target status "up" again.

Immediately after this, the status of backup job automatically turned to "Scheduled".

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  1. After spending a few hours trying to solve this issue, found your post and it worked perfectly. Thanks


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