Tuesday, January 27, 2015

OEM 12c Job Failing With "ERROR: Failed to create command process"

I received OEM alert that one of my OEM 12c Cloud Control jobs is failing with message Error: Failed to create command process. Job activity page was showing details as follows

I realized that “perl” path in the “output log” had some problem, as you can see that back slash is missing after drive letter “d:”. After seeing this, I had a little idea about why job failed. But I really had no idea why automatically this change happened and job started failing automatically. Anyway, I went on to fix this and following is the method to fix this issue if you face any problem like this.

Log into the OEM Cloud Control as Administrator
Click on Setup -> Manage Cloud Control -> Agents

From next screen, click on the agent which was responsible for execution of this job on the target. It will take you to the agent’s home screen.

Now from agent's home screen, click Agent -> Target Setup -> Monitoring Configuration

On next screen we see that back slash is missing from the driver letter.  Somehow OEM is showing forward slashes in the path which should be back slash in case of Windows. I did not change existing forward slashes, jut corrected the path by adding backslash after “d:”. Click OK.

Once we save by clicking OK, and then reload the page, we see that OEM has started showing all correct back slashes in all paths

After that, re-execution of job should complete successfully.

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