Thursday, May 14, 2015

Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) error during 12c RAC Installation

During installation of (12c) grid infrastructure (RAC or standalone), prerequisite check screen may show a warning for “Device Checks for ASM”, stating:
Cannot verify the shared state for device /dev/oracleasm/disk/<ASM Disk> due to Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) not being found, o

r different values being found, for this device across nodes :[<nodes list>]
Cause: Cause of problem Not Available
Action: User Action Not Available.

During installing version, you will not see this warning if you are using ASMLib. But in, this shows up even if you are using ASMLib

This warning can safely be ignored if you are using ASMLib to configure ASM; UUIDs are not required if you are using ASMLib.
If you are planning to use Raw or Block Devices, please see MOS note 580153.1 for how to configure storage for using ASM.

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