Friday, July 27, 2018

Resuming Database Upgrade Assistant after Error

If your database upgrade by database upgrade assistant is caught by a glitch, a dialogue box may appear with options of “Ignore”, or “Abort”. There could be a situation whereby you can ignore the error and continue with the upgrade process. But, before you could do this, you would need to resolve the problem that encountered, before clicking the Ignore button to continue.

I was caught in a situation while upgrading from to and my DBUA stopped with error message ORA-00845. If I would have pressed “Abort”, I would need to restore database from the backup, resolve the problem, and then once again start the DBUA to restart the upgrade process. But I thought otherwise; I checked that my database instance was down (as shown in the alert log file and upgrade log files). So I resolved the error by increasing /dev/shm file system that caused error ORA-00845. Then I started database manually (startup open, because my DBUA stopped during post upgrade stage), and then click “Ignore” form the dialogue box. My DBUA continued till the successful completion of my upgrade.

If you are caught in this kind of situation, don’t close the dialogue box using “Ignore” or “abort”, first analyze upgrade logs and alert log and try every option to resolve the problem. If problem is resolved click ignore for DBUA to continue. You may save a lot of time if you can resolve the problem and continue with the DBUA. 

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