Saturday, September 1, 2018

OEM Target Status Pending – OEM Metric Collection Error

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is a very handy tool to monitor database servers. Sometimes it happens that Cloud Control does not show the actual status of a target. If status of your database is either “Pending” or “Metric Collection Error”, you can try following trouble shooting steps to resolve the problem. Similar steps may also be followed if targets other than database targets face same issue.
Check status of agent from “Setup -> Manage Cloud Control -> Agent” menu.
Manage Cloud Control

Check the agent status and unlock the agent if it is locked. Once unlocked, click on the agent to go to agent’s home page and then form “Agent -> Synchronization”, do agent synchronization.
Synchronize agent

To be on a safer side, try stopping and starting agent along with the above step. From target host, issue following
$AGENT_HOME/bin/emctl stop agent
$AGENT_HOME/bin/emctl start agent
Another step you may try is to refresh monitoring configuration. Go to target home page and then “Target setup -> Monitoring configuration
Monitoring Configuration

Click on “Test Connection” to check if connection is working fine, and then click OK.
Update monitoring configuration

Click OK on the next screen

Hopefully target would be showing “up.

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