Wednesday, January 10, 2024

ORA-56747: invalid value ... for parameter sga_target

SQL> alter system set sga_target=4257m; 

alter system set sga_target=4257m 


ERROR at line 1: 

ORA-02097: parameter cannot be modified because specified value is invalid 

ORA-56747: invalid value 4463788032 for parameter sga_target; must be smaller 

than parameter sga_target of the root container 

Above error would appear if you were trying to set SGA_TARGET for a PDB and value you are providing is greater than the value set at the CDB (root container) level. Error is self-explanatory; you need to provide a value which is less than the value that you have set at CDB level. 

In above example, SGA_TARGET at CDB level was set to 4256M and when I tried to set sga_target to 4257M in my PDB, error was returned.
There are other restrictions as well while you set SGA_TARGET at PDB level. Following is the official document to set this parameter for 19c.

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