Monday, April 27, 2015

Creating Shared Disks for Oracle RAC on Oracle Virtual Box

If you want to do a test Oracle RAC (12c R1, 12c R2) installation on virtual machines you would need to create shared disks to be used across all the RAC nodes to store OCR/voteDisk and other ASM disks for database storage.
In the following, I will explain how we can created shared disks in Oracle Virtual Box.

Before you start, you may have look at this article to learn about creating virtual machines.

I already have 2 virtual machines ORA1 and ORA2 created as you can see below. First we will add a shard disk in one VM and then we will share it on other VM(s).
Select any VM and click on Settings from the tool bar

In settings, click on “Storage” from the left pane and then in the right pane; click on the controller under which you want to add new hard disk; and then click on “+” sign to add the hard disk.

In the new hard disk creation wizard, click on “Create new disk”

Select VDI (default) and click Next

Select “Fixed Size”.

Give a name to this disk and specify the size and click Create

Disk is being created by allocating the space.

Now you see the disk has been added to the VM.

Now let’s share this disk with the other VM.
Select Virtual Media Manager from the File menu.

In the dialogue box, select the newly created disk and click on “Modify” from the tool bar.

Another dialogue box will pop up, from this box, select “Shareable”. Click OK and then Close

Select the other VM and click on Settings from the tool bar. In the popped up dialogue box, click on “Storage” in the left pane. Then in the right pane, select the controller under which you want to add the shared disk and click on “+”.

Once you click on “+”, a new wizard will start. Click on “Choose existing disk”

Now select the virtual disk path where it is stored and click Open

Now you will the same disk also attached to this VM

If you again open Virtual Media Manager, you can see that this disk is not shared between 2 VMs.

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