Thursday, November 5, 2015

Terminating the instance due to error 481

If you are trying to start a RAC instance and it is terminating immediately after STARTUP command, and alert log is showing following messages
MMNL started with pid=26, OS id=7068
NOTE: initiating MARK startup
Starting background process MARK
Wed Sep 09 15:27:46 2015
MARK started with pid=27, OS id=7624
NOTE: MARK has subscribed
starting up 1 dispatcher(s) for network address '(ADDRESS=(PARTIAL=YES)(PROTOCOL=TCP))'...
Warning: Shared server clients will not be able to connect because SHARED_SERVERS is 0
lmon registered with NM - instance number 1 (internal mem no 0)
LMON (ospid: 7920): terminating the instance due to error 481
Instance terminated by LMON, pid = 7920

According to my experience (there could be other reasons which I am not aware of), it actually means that you have set CLUSTER_DATABASE parameter value to FALSE, and other instance(s) of this RAC database is/are already started. Since CLUSTER_DATABASE is set to FALSE, this instance would not startup.
To start this instance successfully, set parameter CLUSTER_DATABASE to TRUE.

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