Thursday, May 25, 2017

Configuring Oracle ASM Filter Driver (ASMFD) and Labelling Disks

If you already have and above GI/RAC installation and you want to migrate to ASMFD, click here.

Starting, downloaded Grid Infrastructure (GI) software zip is extracted directly in to the directly we have already chosen as ORACLE_HOME for GI. After extraction, we execute $ORACLE_HOME/ script to initiate the setup wizard. If we want to use ASMFD (ASM Filter Driver), then after we have provisioned the disk/partition at OS level, we can configure ASMFD as follows. We no longer need ASMLib to setup ASM disks once we start using ASMFD.

For this example, I already have createda disk partition /dev/sdb1 which I will be labelling using ASMFD during the configuration of GI. As root user, configure the ASMFD as follows. /u01/app/12.2.0/grid is where I have extracted the GI software.
[root@salman11 ~]# export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/12.2.0/grid
[root@salman11 ~]# export ORACLE_BASE=/tmp

[root@salman11 ~]# $ORACLE_HOME/bin/asmcmd afd_label DATA /dev/sdb1 --init
[root@salman11 ~]# $ORACLE_HOME/bin/asmcmd afd_lslbl /dev/sdb1
Label                     Duplicate  Path
DATA                                  /dev/sdb1

[root@salman11 ~]# unset ORACLE_BASE

Now during GI configuration setup (initiate $ORACLE_HOME/, you will see following screen where this new disk will be listed. Select this disk and click the checkbox “Configure Oracle ASM Filter Driver”. ASM Filter Driver will be configured automatically during the setup and you can start using ASMFD for your future ASM disks configurations. As stated above, now you are no longer required to use ASMLib.

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