Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Error 1017 received logging on to the standby - Along with ORA-16191

Most probable reason for this error appearing in the alert log file of standby database is that primary database is not able to connect to the standby database to ship redo log data because the password for the SYS user in the standby database is not in sync with the primary database. Standby database is also not able to fetch the archive gap because of same discrepancy. Full error stack in the alert log file would look similar to the following.
Media Recovery Log /fra/mydb/archive/MYDB0001_0000010397_0893868278.ARC
Media Recovery Waiting for thread 1 sequence 10398
Error 1017 received logging on to the standby
Check that the primary and standby are using a password file
and remote_login_passwordfile is set to SHARED or EXCLUSIVE,
and that the SYS password is same in the password files.
returning error ORA-16191
FAL[client, USER]: Error 16191 connecting to MY_DB_HOST for fetching gap sequence

As a standard procedure, whenever you change SYS password in the standby database, you should always copy password file from primary database to the standby database(s). In case of RAC, copy password file to all standby RAC nodes. Since password for SYS user (and other SYSDBAs) are stored in the password file, changing password in primary would not replicate password change to the standby database along with other changes made within the database and therefore password file needs to be copied manually.
To solve this problem (and also to avoid in future), always remember to copy the passwordfile from primary database to the standby database after you perform a password change activity for SYS user in the primary database.

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