Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ORA-00214: control file version inconsistent with file

If there is a server crash, there could be a possibility that you see ORA-00214 error; once server is up again, and you try to start (mount) the database. Error could be similar to the following.


857358007 inconsistent with file 'G:\ORACLE\ORADATA\PRODDB\CONTROL01.CTL'
version 857358000

In my case, I first took backup of both files first and then deleted CONTROL01.CTL. After that I took higher version controlfile CONTROL02.CTLwhich had version 857358007 as compared to CONROL01.CTL version 857358000, and copied it as G:\ORACLE\ORADATA\PRODDB\CONTROL01.CTL.
Now both controlfiles because same and consistent. After doing this, I was able to mount the database.

Note: Please don’t forget to take backup of both of your controlfes before you delete/overwrite any of the controlfiles. 

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