Friday, May 11, 2018

Initial Configuration of Fusion Middleware after the Installation

After completing Fusion Middleware installation installation, next step is initial configuration of the it. If you have done Fusion Middleware Installation, you would need to configure certain schemas (this is not needed for Weblogic and Coherence installation using generic installer) before you can create domains and start using Fusion Middleware. Click here for the official documentation.
Following are the schemas that need to be created

Metadata Services (MDS)
Audit Services (IAU)
Audit Services Append (IAU_APPEND)
Audit Services Viewer (IAU_VIEWER)
Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS)
User Messaging Service (UMS)
WebLogic Services (WLS)
Service Table (STB)

These schemas should be installed in a database certified to run with your fusion middleware version that you have installed. Click here to check out certified database for fusion middleware you are installing. I have already installed database on my same host where I have installed Fusion Middleware, and I would use this database as repository database for these schemas. For 12c database version, it can either be a non-container database or a container database, but in case of a container database, the schemas can only be created in a pluggable database.

Initiate repository creation utility (rcu) to start the schemas creation.

$ cd $FMW_HOME/oracle_common/bin
$ ./rcu

Click Next

Select first option “System Load and Product Load”, click Next

Select Database Type where you want to create schemas. Oracle, MS SQLServer, IBM DB2 and MySQL  are supported types. I am selecting Oracle. Also provide other details for connecting with the database. Click Next

At prerequisites check dialogue box, fix if there is any issue. Click OK to close the dialogue box

Provide a prefix for the schemas and select schemas that you are going to create. I entered “TEST” as prefix. I selected all schemas in order to have all schemas created, and “TEST” prefix would got added to each schema name. Click Next

Click OK on dialogue box for prerequisites check

I specified a single password for all schemas. Individual passwords for each schema can also be entered. Click Next

By default, repository creation assistant (rca) creates individual tablespace for each schema. Alternatively, you can also create all schemas in one or more existing  tablespaces by selecting existing tablespace(s) from the drop down list. By clicking on Manage Tablespace button, you can further set the attributes for the tablespaces. Click Next and tablespace creation process would start for the tablespace that do not already exist.

Click “Create” button from the summary page to begin schemas creation process.

Click Close when process completes

Schema creation has completed and next step is to create a weblogic domain

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